Open Letter by Dr. David Steenblock in response to an LA Times Op-ed article by Laurie Becklund (Feb. 2015)



 Stem Cells and Stroke

During the past twenty years Dr. David Steenblock has treated over 2,000 stroke patients using stem cell treatments, daily hyperbaric oxygen and other leading edge treatments. As-a-result he has learned a great deal about what it takes to help stroke patients get the most improvement possible, even 10 years or more after their stroke. Read More…….

 Bone Marrow Stem Cell Therapy

The latest discovery in the world of natural medical therapies is STEM CELLS! You have within you a powerful set of tools to repair your body and keep you healthy. The future of medicine is NOT better drugs but better use and application of your body’s own stem cells. As of now stem cell-rich tissue can be extracted from your hip Read More……

  Chelation Therapy Chelation therapy is an intravenous medical treatment performed in the clinic that proponents claim improves metabolic function and blood flow through blocked arteries throughout the body. One chelating agent used is the amino acid, ethylene-diamine-tetra-acetic acid (EDTA), administered via an intravenous infusion using a small 25-gauge needle in the arm or hand. Read More…….
Stroke and TBI                              Our treatment program has been designed to give the maximum amount of recovery possible for stroke and traumatic brain injury. Where the brain damage is located determines which nerves, muscles, organs and tissues will be affected. An individualized treatment program is created for each patient depending the location, severity and time since the injury. Read More……



Below are Testimonials from a few of our Stem Cell Patients who had a Stroke! Have any Questions Please Contact Us Today to setup a Consultation!  Click Here…



 Bone Marrow Stem Cells and Stroke!

For patients who are able to get to Dr. David Steenblock within two weeks of their stroke, two bone marrow treatments can produce a dramatic improvement when combined with the daily use of hyperbaric oxygen, external counterpulsation, pulsed electromagnetic therapy to the back of the head (which increases blood flow to the upper parts of the brain), brain growth factors, nutritional iv’s, and periodic acceleration therapy. These work in tandem to help move stem cells into the damaged parts of the patient’s brain and bolster the growth and activity of stem cells in the damaged tissues so repair can start immediately. Dr. David Steenblock recommends that both acute & chronic stroke patients spend a minimum of TWO TO THREE weeks and preferably six weeks doing therapy in order to increase their odds of reaping maximum results.

Dr. Steenblock notes that “This combination of synergist therapies is remarkably good when used soon after a stroke since the blood brain barrier is still damaged and open which makes it easy for stem cells to migrate into damaged areas of the brain. At the same time this is going on hyperbaric oxygen is used to help remove the swelling which also bolsters the ability of stem cells to get into the brain.”

As you might expect the brain begins to heal the disrupted blood-brain-barrier two to three weeks after a stroke. This reestablishes this natural barrier between the brain and the lower part of the body; something that stem cells have to burrow their way through in order to reach damaged tissues. Dr. Steenblock and others have found that the younger and more vigorous the stem cells are, the greater the penetration through this barrier and the better the clinical outcome. Unfortunately most people who have a stroke are older individuals whose stem cells need some “rejuvenation” in order to be able to penetrate the re-established blood-brain-barrier.


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