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Do You have joint pain, ligament damage, or have sustained a TBI?

SCT, PRP, Hyperbarics & Cutting-Edge Treatments That May Make The Difference In Quality of Life
40 Years

40 Years of Personalized Regenerative Medicine In SCT, PRP & Regenerative Medicine.

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With over 40 years of SCT, PRP, & regenerative medicine experience treating serious conditions like cerebral palsy, ALS, & stroke. We offer joint pain therapy, ligament damage treatments, skin wrinkle reduction treatments, & therapy options involving the use of adult S cells, cytokines, growth factors & proteins. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy may be recommended, with personalized and targeted injections for enhanced options. Some of the things we treat are:

Knee Pain Can Keep You From Being Mobile: Find Out More

Back Pain Means You Have To Fight To Get Through: See Our Options

Hip Pain Means No More Hikes Or Riding Your Bike: PRP & SCT Info

What Do People Say About The Stroke Doctor?

  • "JD was 30 yrs old when he had 2 rounds of stem cell therapy, now off all seizure medication...& has had a 40% improvement in his eyesight."

    - Kathy Vance
    Mom of JD
    "Creative and innovative, eager to embrace cutting edge advances in his field and unafraid of the newest modalities."

    Nancy Lord
    Dolan Springs AZ • Lawyer
    "David is a compassionate advocate for health and longevity. He stands as an ambassador against big pharma corruption. Stem cell therapy is the future."

    For Goodness Sake
    Bonita Springs.
  • "Dr Steenblock's Youngering Program is cutting edge for restoring overall youthful functioning!"

    Wellness Associates
    Greenbrae CA
    "With Dr. Steenblock's knowledge, experience and dedication to his patients, we are very pleased to recommend him."

    Cancer Control Society
    Los Angeles CA
    "David Steenblock is a master of regeneration using stem cells. I highly recommend him."

    - Academy of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine
  • "Excellent doctor with great knowledge of the body , friendly and an expert in the field of stem cells. He probably saved my life discovering my sleep apnea. I highly recommend him."

    Health & Fitness
    Playa Del Rey CA
    "An excellent doctor, scientist, and good friend! A+ !"

    Redondo Beach CA
    "Knowledgeable, professional, up to date and competent."

    Health Guardians
    Redondo Beach CA

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