Stem Cell Therapy

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Stem Cell Therapy

Welcome to our page dedicated to Stem Cell Therapy. Here you will find a wide range of education and experiences pertaining this incredible regenerative healing treatment strategy. We look forward to helping you gain the education and awareness you need to make the most informed decision on the next steps in your treatment strategy.

About Stem Cell Therapy in California

Adult stem cell treatments are a recent and burgeoning avenue of restorative medicine, and at Personalized Regenerative Medicine, the idea that the scientific community is just beginning to realize the restorative power of stem cells for the treatment of chronic and degenerative diseases makes us very enthusiastic. Stem cells are present in the body to help with tissue development and regeneration; the idea of this treatment is to take stem cells from healthy tissue, and to transfer them over to tissue that has been damaged by disease and/or injury. However, this is just a cursory overlook. To have a thorough understanding of how stem cell therapy could benefit the individual and society as a whole, a person must first have a knowledge of how it works. If you’re intrigued by the possibilities of adult stem cell treatments, don’t hesitate to contact us in San Clemente with whatever questions you may have.

Stem Cell FAQ

What are Stem Cells?

Stem cells are unique cells from which all other cells are derived. Simply stated, stem cells have the ability to replicate and differentiate into multiple tissue types and are used to promote healing in damaged tissues. The two main types of stem cells are embryonic (pluripotent) and adult stem cells (unipotent & multipotent). Embryonic stem cells (ESC) are controversial due to the fact that a human embryo must be destroyed to harvest the cells, and the cells themselves can differentiate into all cells types and proliferate uncontrollably, thereby posing certain dangers like tumor formation. Adult stem cells (ASC) are effective, but they have a more limited ability to give rise to various types of tissue in the body and they have a pre-programmed timeframe in which they can work in their regenerative capacity. However, they do not carry the ethical issues or the risks posed by ESC and are the type of stem cells used here at PRM.

How Are Stem Cells Harvested?

Adult stem cells may be harvested from a number of tissues in the body, such as the bone marrow, peripheral blood, and fat. They are also harvested from umbilical cords or cord blood, placental tissue, and amniotic tissue.

What Conditions can Stem Cells Treat?

Research shows that adult stem cell therapy can be effective in treating a number of different diseases and injuries. Some of the conditions we treat include:
Neurological Conditions:
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)
• Parkinson’s Disease (PD)
Alzheimer’s Disease (AD)
Cerebral Palsy (CP)
Cardiovascular Conditions:
Heart Disease
• Coronary Artery Disease (CAD)
Respiratory Conditions:
• Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
Musculoskeletal Conditions:
• Osteoarthritis (OA)
• Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD)
• Muscle Strains
Joint Injuries