Our Comprehensive Approach

Conventional doctors follow the “recipe book” (Manuals & books that dictate what is accepted), while innovators use drugs off-label and use established & new therapies in unique ways and combinations.

Dr. Steenblock’s Comprehensive Approach

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Dr. Steenblock is a medical innovator who has spent over four decades doing the sort of in-office exploration and experimentation that drives progress in medical science.

To him, every chronic, intractable or terminal disease and the people afflicted with them have unique attributes and features that need to be identified, and then addressed or otherwise therapeutically capitalized on. Dr. Steenblock’s approach to doing medicine includes these elements:

“Understand the person and the players in their medical issues and afterwards create personalized & targeted treatments” – Dr. David Steenblock

At Dr. Steenblock’s Personalized Regenerative Medicine Clinic this process is individualized in the sense disease & bodily vulnerabilities, deficiencies, and the like are identified and are “matched” to treatments and combinations of treatments that are most likely to affect healing and restoration. Thanks to this kind of dogged commitment to innovation Dr. Steenblock has gotten results and outcomes that have eluded most other doctors.

Regenerative Medicine