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Arthritis Treatments San Clemente and Orange County, CA

Osteoarthritis injections at Personalized Regenerative Medicine are a potent blend of active stem cells and other additives that encourage healing and regeneration.

For patients suffering from arthritis pain, chronic inflammation, and tissue damage at the joints, we offer a drug-free, non-surgical alternative. Stem cell therapy leverages the body’s own biology so that the affected areas are actually healed and repaired by the body itself. 

Let Dr. David Steenblock unleash your natural ability to soothe and repair stiff and painful joints that are affected by arthritis. Personalized Regenerative Medicine is Los Angeles’ home for holistic healing. Browse our blog for a deeper look into Dr. Steenblock’s paradigm-shifting work.    

Stem Cell Therapy (SCT) for Chronic Arthritis Pain

The amazing science behind the most versatile and enigmatic cells in the body has led to an exciting wave of medical applications that are challenging long-held assumptions and upending established practices in healthcare. Stem cells hold limitless potential. Stem cell therapy (SCT) harnesses essential vitality to heal a multitude of issues in arthritis-stricken adults. 

Arthritis Treatments San Clemente and Orange County, CA

SCT offers an unprecedented “third avenue” for osteoarthritis sufferers who were once straddled by an unseemly dilemma: risk costly and painful surgery to moderately (and temporarily) restore mobility to arthritis ravaged joints, or numb the pain with increasing doses of stupefying narcotics that present risk of overdose and addiction.

Stem cell therapy actually halts and often reverses the course of chronic, degenerative diseases.   

What is Osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis (OA) is one of the most common forms of arthritis in the world today. It is the result of everyday wear and tear at the joints that can accumulate as years pass.[1] The cartilage cushions which support boney joints begin to wear away and, as the bones themselves come into closer contact, pain in the area intensifies, while mobility dramatically decreases. OA is a gradually degenerative disease. So, if nothing can be done to slow or stop its advance, many people choose to undergo surgery, like knee or hip replacement, to ease their suffering and restore some movement. Over 600,000 people a year undergo this operation in the United States alone.

Yet stem cell therapy can be an alternative to surgery.

At Personalized Regenerative Medicine, Dr. Steenblock is pleased to offer his patients tangible relief so that they might postpone risky and expensive surgery, or forgo it all together! Dr. Steenblock believes in the body’s ability to heal itself. Pain-free days lie ahead, so contact us to learn more.

You can call (949) 367-8870 to speak with one of our helpful representatives at our Los Angeles-area offices in San Clemente, California, and schedule your private consultation with Personalized Regenerative Medicine.  


SCT injections deliver dynamic stem cells directly to damaged tissues. One aspect of stem cells that makes SCT so game-changing is that stem cells have the unique ability to transform themselves. Stem cells injected into an arthritis-afflicted knee or shoulder will transform into cartilage, bone, muscle, tendon, ligaments or fat, depending on the type of tissue that surrounds them.[2] So, with SCT, damaged tissue is actually regenerated, rather than simply repaired or replaced with surgery. 

What Are Stem Cells?

Stem cells form the foundation of all the body’s complex multicellular systems.

All human beings begin their development as just one cell—a fertilized ovum in the womb of their mother. Stem cells were there at this very first moment, rapidly dividing into “daughter cells” which themselves could make more stem cells or begin specializing into other types of cells, (ex:  brain cells, skin cells, muscle cells, etc.). Stem cells are the only kind of cell that has the ability to transform into others.[3] SCT capitalizes on stem cells’ remarkable mutability to supercharge the healing process. Injured tissue can be regenerated thanks to stem cells’ capacity to adapt to and integrate with their biological environment.      


SCT continues to be regarded as an innovative treatment.  Medical Academia has been reluctant in accepting the glimmering vistas of possibility that stem cells can offer. Dr. Steenblock has been helping patients overcome chronic pain and degenerative diseases consistently throughout his 30-year career in medicine. His decades of experience have only opened his mind to what SCT can accomplish. This same experience has shown him that stem cell therapy is not for everyone. Below, we explore which traits might make an osteoarthritis sufferer an ideal candidate for stem cell therapy. 

Qualities of a Qualified Candidate 

  • Chronic pain that cannot be sufficiently assuaged with prescriptions 
  • An aversion to surgery
  • The courage to try a new treatment protocol 

Patients with active cancers, infections, and blood-related medical conditions should not seek stem cell treatments.[4] To see if STC injections are the best option to treat your osteoarthritis-related pain, stiffness and swelling, consider a confidential consultation at Personalized Regenerative Medicine.  

Your Personal Cosultation at Personalized Regenerative Medicine 

Personalized Regenerative Medicine is guided by Dr. David Steenblock’s documented proven success. Dr. Steenblock is a medical maverick who has blazed many trails for exciting new treatments, to the benefit of his patients. It is a career that is still going strong in San Clemente, California. When you arrive at this office you will begin your confidential consultation with the doctor and his team.  

Arthritis Treatments San Clemente and Orange County, CA

Dr. Steenblock takes a comprehensive approach to every patient’s case. Your consultation will typically begin with a brief physical examination and intake interview, allowing him to become more acquainted with your case. After a review of your health history, Dr. Steenblock will determine which course of treatment is the most ideal for treating your chronic arthritis pain. 

Contact us at Personalized Regenerative Medicine to explore your options for stopping the advancement of painful osteoarthritis.

Call (949) 367-8870 to get the conversation started with one of our helpful representatives. 

Preparation & Procedure

Dr. Steenblock harvests and prepares the stem cells for injection. After a careful application to the area adversely affected by osteoarthritis, the patient is soon released to continue their regular routine while the stem cells go to work within them. The injected cells will continue to grow and form new cells for up to one year. 

Recovery & Results

Most patients report improvement within one to two weeks following their stem cell therapy procedure. 

A nearly non-existent recovery period is one of the most notable advantages of SCT when compared to the ordeal of recovering from an extensive operation, such as knee replacement. Surgery patients must endure pain and an extended rehabilitation. Patients who opted for SCT for osteoarthritis are able to leave Dr. Steenblock and Personalized Regenerative Medicine in exactly the same fashion as they arrived: under their own power

Complementary Treatments

Dr. Steenblock is an expert in mobilizing the body’s own powers of regeneration to treat patients afflicted by arthritis, inflammation and joint injury. Your custom course of treatments may include a variety of approaches that are tailored to your specific needs. 

Chronic Pain Treatment

Chronic pain can be the result of osteoarthritis or some other injury. Osteoarthritis is one of the most common reasons for chronic pain. After he determines its cause, Dr. Steenblock will treat chronic pain by actually restoring and regenerating injured tissue in the affected area. Surprisingly, this simple approach is the exact opposite of the kind you’ll find with a traditional physician who is likely to first explore prescription options for managing discomfort.  

Back Pain

Back pain is an all too common agony for millions of adults. Age, injury and other chronic conditions can all conspire to send waves of paralyzing pain up and down the vertebrae of the unfortunate back pain sufferer. Surgery to correct back pain might potentially end up being worse than the condition itself. Back surgery can permanently rob the patient of mobility. It also disrupts the delicate architectural balance of the spine, which can strain other areas and cause pain to develop elsewhere in the body. Dr. Steenblock’s holistic approach considers the body and its many interconnected systems when crafting his treatment regimen. Personalized Regenerative Medicine aims to leave every patient feeling better than they did before!

Call Dr. Steenblock today so you can regain your active life!  Appointments fill up fast, so don’t wait any longer to feel the NEW YOU!


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