Stemgevity is a unique formulation of natural, synergistic herbs, vitamins, minerals, and plant extracts that many consider being helpful for the support of the normal structure and function of your body’s stem cells. Support your body’s own quick, natural release of stem cells with our daily supplement.


Stemgevity™, the Stem Cell Mobilizing Formula, is the result of years of research spearheaded by physician and stem cell expert Dr. David Steenblock. He is a practicing physician as well as the head of the nonprofit Steenblock Research Institute in San Clemente, California. Dr. Steenblock has been researching stem cells for a number of years and during the course of his work has discovered that many herbs and herbal and plant-derived compounds as well as minerals and other natural substances can stimulate the body to increase the number, activity and release of stem cells into the bloodstream. This is a natural process that, according to scientific theory, becomes less responsive as a person ages. Stemgevity™ supports the body’s own quick, natural release of stem cells.

Who Should Take Stemgevity?

In other words, virtually everyone can benefit from taking Stemgevity™.

There is evidence the ingredients in Stemgevity™ can be of benefit to the Central Nervous System including the brain in ways nothing else can. This is good news in light of the fact that neurodegenerative conditions such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s are rising at an incredible rate. It’s possible that increasing the numbers of circulating bone marrow stem cells (such as by taking Stemgevity™) may be of benefit in preventing some of these diseases from occurring or slow their progression once they do arise; the research is ongoing in this regard. And…there are many, many other benefits too numerous to list, not to mention unknown benefits being uncovered and hinted at every month.

As always, Stemgevity™ is not intended to treat any disease and the FDA has not evaluated nor endorsed the statements made here or anywhere in our literature or website. Stemgevity’s™ ingredients support the body’s own stem cell production and release system and by doing so may increase the number of circulating stem cells in the bloodstream. We use examples of health conditions known to benefit from increased stem cells and are not making any claims. A person may or may not benefit from taking Stemgevity™.

Because Stemgevity™ facilitates the release of bone marrow stem cells into the bloodstream, it follows that people with circulation problems or concerns such as those that follow below should have a keen interest in taking it:

  • Diabetics.
  • Smokers.
  • People with poor circulation or blood vessel damage, including varicose veins and stroke, even atherosclerosis (arterial blockage).
  • People with a history of heart and circulatory problems.
  • People with a history of heart trouble in their family might want to regularly use Stemgevity™ to help keep their heart and circulatory systems well supported and thus functioning optimally.
  • There are potential benefits to areas of the body where cells divide rapidly or more readily sustain damage such as:
  • Photodamaged and aged skin
  • Bodily areas that have been recently injured, such as sprains, bruising, bone fractures, or following surgery.
  • The immune system.
  • Muscles especially in those such as athletes both young and old. Stemgevity™ supports muscle growth, fat-burning, and recovery after intense exercise or injury.
  • Joints especially problem areas such as knees, hips, and spine.
  • Liver and pancreas, which can sustain damage in people who drink alcoholic beverages.

Stemgevity FAQ

How is Stemgevity better than other products on the market?

Stemgevity™ is unique in that it not only helps release bone marrow stem cells (and according to our research does that far better than anything else on the market), but also may have the effect of boosting the proliferation of stem cells as well (proliferation means “to increase in number”.) In other words, Stemgevity™ may assist your bone marrow in creating and releasing increased numbers of stem cells. Additionally Stemgevity™ appears to “feed” the stem cells once they’re in the blood. This combination of properties makes Stemgevity™ unique.

Is there an age limit to receiving benefits from Stemgevity?

Stemgevity™ helps the body function as nature intended; with a healthy and active bone marrow stem cell system. Unfortunately it appears that the body’s main stem cell factory – the bone marrow — tends to break down as people age and thus becomes less active (Think of it as becoming a gradually clogged, calcified, rusty set of pipes). As such an older person can most definitely benefit from Stemgevity™.
What about a younger person? We tend to think of bone marrow sluggishness as a product of aging. Stemgevity™ contains natural ingredients that support processes that help keep the stem cells in bone marrow vitalized and active. As such even young people can benefit from taking it. In addition, a health-challenged youngster may see results, as well as one who is undergoing invasive procedures. Also, children involved in contact sports may benefit from using Stemgevity™ to facilitate and support bodily healing and recovery.

What does Stemgevity mean?

Stemgevity™ is a word coming from “Stem Cells” and “Longevity”. Research is discovering that a healthy stem cell system (one which produces and releases large numbers of circulating stem cells in the bloodstream) may be a substantial player in a person’s health and life span. Stemgevity™ supports the stem cell system in ways no other product can, helping it work optimally. As such the word Stemgevity™ is a powerfully descriptive one. Learn about stem cell supplements below.

What health conditions can be treated by Stemgevity?

Stemgevity™ is a nutritional supplement. We do not make any health claims and are not promoting Stemgevity™ to treat any disease. Stemgevity™ supports the natural structure and function of the body’s own stem cell generation & release system. People taking Stemgevity™ have reported various improvements in their health and that is exciting but we are not saying people should “Take Stemgevity™ for X condition”. Making it one the top-rated stem cell supplements. Read this short article: “Bone Marrow Stem Cells Have Been Shown to Help…” for more information.

What is the recommended amount of Stemgevity to take?

3 capsules per day is the recommended dose. The best time to take them is before going to bed as your body is in full “repair mode” at night, but you can take them anytime. Some people like to take 1 capsule 3 times a day, and several athletes have reported seeing best results taking Stemgevity™ a short time following a workout. It is recommended to increase the dosage following strenuous activity, such as athletic competition, or following a traumatic event, such as a fall, accident or injury.

Can Stemgevity stem cell supplements be taken by people taking medication?

The ingredients in Stemgevity™’s proprietary blend are safe and there are no known contraindications though people with health issues as well as pregnant & nursing women should consult a physician prior to taking this product. Of course, people who take Stemgevity™ and have an allergic or other reaction should stop taking it.Stemgevity
To order Stemgevity, please call us at our phone number listed above.

Is Stemgevity FDA approved?

No. The FDA does not approve dietary supplements in the same way that FDA approves some drugs and medical devices. Nonetheless, the FDA does regulate product quality, product safety, and product claims, and has authority to remove products from the market that are not safe or that make claims that are not substantiated by scientific evidence.

Whenever your body sustains an injury or a disease strikes, tissue repair and regeneration mechanisms kick into action that cause proliferation, migration and differentiation of stem cells in the affected tissue or organ. But this isn’t the whole story. Biochemical injury or disease signals (called GM-CSF) make their way throughout the sufferer’s body to the bone marrow where hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs), mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), endothelial progenitor cells (EPCs) and very small embryonic-like cells (VSELs), are mobilized into the blood. Once these stem cells migrate and move into diseased or damaged tissues they promote repair and regeneration by secreting various proteins such as growth factors and cytokines.

If you happen to have been injured recently or have a chronic disease, you naturally want to do all you can to support your body’s stem cells and their mobilization. But what if you are not bothered by any sort of health issue? Well, you should not ignore doing things to support the vitality and mobilization response of the stem cells in your tissues and especially bone marrow. And there is a reason for you to be concerned: As we get older — and especially for those of us who are sedentary — bone marrow stem cells become devitalized and inactive or senescent. However, if these inactive stem cells are prodded to mobilize — the bone marrow will go to work and replace them with healthier stem cells.

So what things can help mobilize and revitalize stem cells? Here are a few good ones:
Exercise and other physical activity. Work culinary & medicinal (fucoidan-rich) seaweeds and algae into your diet. Among these are kelp, Irish Moss, bladderwrack, laminaria, wakame, kombu, and mozuku. Also, consume Noni fruit as well as Acai and Goji berries. Use ginger root in tea form and as an ingredient in foods. Take supplemental lithium and drink lithium rich water (Lithia water). Take a stem cell vitality and mobilization support supplement such as Dr. Steenblock’s Stemgevity™ (Click to pull up label including ingredients)

To order Stemgevity, please call us at our phone number listed above.

What is Lithium Aspartate?

Lithium is an important trace element naturally occurring in many types of foods including grains and vegetables. It is the element Li on the Periodic Table.
Combined with aspartate it is safe for use in supplements.

Remember we are talking about Lithium aspartate an essential trace mineral, NOT Lithium carbonate. Lithium carbonate (a prescription drug) is prescribed in high dosages of 300-2700 mg/day as it has been shown to help bipolar disorder. At these intake levels doctors must do periodic blood testing because, like most anything else, too much can be toxic.

The amount of lithium aspartate (natural trace mineral) in each capsule of Stemgevity™ is only 4 mg and at 3 capsules per day is 12 mg/day.
That is 1/25th of even the minimal amount prescribed as a drug. Many health professionals have recommended that 10 to 25 mg of lithium aspartate per day should be taken as a nutritional supplement.

Bottom line: Stemgevity™ does not provide enough lithium to cause concern for toxicity or any other negative effects. In fact it is one of the most beneficial natural trace mineral supplements you could use! There is a growing volume of research to support this.

References for further information:
Do an Internet search using “lithium and stem cells” as your search phrase.
Jonathan Wright, MD has a nice discussion about low-dose lithium here:
James Howenstine, MD has another nice discussion on the topic (Google it)

Can BONE MARROW STEM CELLS lead to variations such as cancer?

NO. Stemgevity™ simply supports and facilitates the natural release of your own bone marrow stem cells.

What is Paracrine Communication?

This is an exciting discovery in the field of stem cell research. Basically, scientists are discovering that damaged tissues send out chemical signals that summon stem cells. This is called paracrine communication. The research in this area, especially as it relates to bone marrow stem cells and the heart, shows an astounding correlation between stem cells, heart tissues, and paracrine effects. Those interested in a detailed treatment of this subject should peruse this article:

Here is a direct quote from this body of research:
“Paracrine factors, such as growth factors and cytokines, are normally released from endogenous cells of the heart in response to injury. These factors may signal via the circulation to mediate stem cell homing from the circulation, bone marrow, or tissue to the site of injury, thus aiding in tissue repair.”
Suffice it to say that when your body chemically summons stem cells, especially in life-threatening situations such as a heart attack, it makes sense to have large numbers of circulating stem cells at the ready, and to have ones’ bone marrow stem cell system as healthy as possible. We’re excited to bring Stemgevity™ to the world to help support this.