Ozone/Ultraviolet Light and Vitamin C for Boosting Immune Function

Both alone, and in combination, ultraviolet light and medical ozone application to blood as a bio oxidative medical therapy has many beneficial effects. One advantage is the multifaceted way in which the inactivation of bacteria, viruses, and fungi/yeast occur. By disrupting the integrity of bacterial cell walls through the oxidation of phospholipids and lipoproteins, the bacterial infection is eradicated. In fungi, cell growth is inhibited at certain stages and therefore, prohibits continued overgrowth. Viruses are inactivated when the viral capsid is damaged and the reproductive cycle of the virus is disrupted through peroxidation at the virus-to-cell contact point. The weak enzyme coatings on cells that make them vulnerable to viral invasion are made susceptible to peroxidation and therefore, eliminated from the body which triggers a production of new healthy cells to replace the damaged ones. Other benefits include enhanced blood circulation, increased oxygenation of tissues, and activation of the immune system.

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Vitamin C deficiency has been found to impair immunity and increase the body’s su infections. Although it is a potent antioxidant, its action as a cofactor of a family of biosynthetic and gene regulatory enzymes is what plays a key role in its immune-modulating effects. This indicates that vitamin C is essential for the immune system to launch and sustain a defensive attack against pathogenic invaders, all while preventing any excessive damage to healthy host cells. Therefore vitamin C is highly recommended for a healthy immune system. Additionally, intravenous vitamin C significantly increases plasma concentrations of vitamin C over oral dosing, and used in conjunction with ozone therapy, can be a highly effective method to protecting one’s self against infections.

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