Is Damage from a Stroke Reversible?

Published: May 21, 2018

The question of whether the brain damage from a stroke can be reversed is a big fat “no” according to conventional doctors. But this line of thought is just plain wrong. The damage caused by a stroke is reversible to a large degree. I know because I have turned stroke damage around in well over a thousand patients to-date.

One of my very best stroke turnaround cases was also among my very first. I took an elderly lady who’d had a major stroke and who was comatose and proceeded to reverse the damage almost 100% in 24 hours! In fact, she was fully conscious, able to walk virtually unassisted and was speaking and swallowing, all within a day after leaving a local hospital and undergoing treatments in my clinic. About 90% of patients suffering from a chronic stroke can experience a reversal of their stroke-induced damage, something made possible by the use of the right stem cells in the right doses (oftentimes along with other forms of treatment).

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